Blast For Humanity 008


Out now on BFH Records:

Enemy Soil- Live Nail In The Coffin LP…an absolutely incredible recording of the 2001 Enemy Soil reunion set at CBGBs. Featuring twelve tracks of unrelenting grindcore mayhem. Limited to 200, hand-numbered copies.

Released just in time for their recently announced reunion show in Washington D.C. in January 20th 2018.

Interested parties please contact:

SFN/ Abrade split 10”

I have a handful of copies of this record. Send an email to if you’re interested in purchasing.

Here’s a review I wrote for the new split 10″ between two of the Midwest’s best.

“Two good things have come from Stoughton, Wisconsin: the coffee break and SFN. After mysteriously dissolving in the last few years, they still seem to pop up every now and then with a new release. Easily the most original band in the mid-2000s power violence revival, SFN have found a way to continuously push the boundaries of what they are doing and stay completely relevant. Terminal Sedation was originally recorded for their 2007 demo but this re-recorded version absolutely crushes the original.  A great man once told me SFN moves like a glacier; slow, cold and powerful. I couldn’t think of a better way to describe their contribution to this split.”

“Chicago’s most elusive grindcore band has finally returned with six new songs that barely crack the five minute mark. The sonic assault is over almost as quickly as it begins but not before it absolutely pummels you into dust and tries to snort you like an eight ball of grindcore cocaine. Try to imagine Discordance Axis performing a drive by on Flesh Parade deep in the concrete jungle of Chicago and you’ll start to get the idea.”

Early releases…

I found a copy of each of the following releases in a box in my closet:

Forged- 5″ lathe cut, limited to 20 hand-numbered copies. FFO: Infest

Mangle- 5″ lathe cut, limited to 32 copies. FFO: The Endless Blockade, SFN, etc.

Column Of Heaven- Systems Overload cover 5″, limited to 40 hand-numbered copies.

Anyone who is interested in any of these, please send an email to

Blast For Humanity 006

Chicago’s own powerviolence kings return with 3 new tracks on a split with Japanese powerviolence/sludge legends, SU19b. SOS rips through their first track in the blink of an eye and then they go into some new uncharted territory… a slow and creepy almost Suffering Luna-ish passage before going right back in to the blasting. Absolutely disgusting powerviolence that could have called Bovine Records home in 1996. It’s incredible to hear them tackling something new with these tracks. On the flip side we have SU19b cranking out one of their most demented tracks yet. Equally influenced by Corrupted and Crossed Out. The first time I heard this band was on their split 7″ with Jenny Piccolo from 1997 and it’s safe to say they have not let up one bit. Noise drenched sludge with some short blasts and the most insane vocalist ever. These two bands are perfectly matched on this split and both offer something a little bit different than what’s expected this time around. Strictly limited to 300 copies.

Only 30 copies left.